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Paint Brushes
Paint Brushes

We carry ZIBRA Brushes, Premium Chip Brushes, and  Premium Foam Brushes.

Sold as eaches or as kits. Scroll through the pictures to select the brush for you! Or buy a kit!

We’ve tried many, many brushes on the market – From $70 brushes on down, and we ALWAYS come back to Zibra Brushes!

The bristles are super fine, silky smooth, and carry Blackberry House Paint across your project perfectly!

We also carry premium quality Double Thick Chip Brushes and Premium Quality Foam Brushes.

Buy one in every size for every project!

Be sure to add a bottle of our Furniture & Brush Cleaner to your cart when you buy a brush. It cleans these brushes back to their new look!

(All Kits and Sets are discounted from the retail price and are not eligible for further discounts)

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Color Wash / Wood Stain, 8oz
Color Wash / Wood Stain, 8oz

Our 8 oz Color Washes are pure acrylic, water based color glazes with a built in top coat. You can use these to stain

raw woods with a hint of color, or use as a colored glaze over your painted finishes.


Fun Fact: You can even add our Shimmer to them to create a hint of metallic to your project!


For more information and instructions for use, see full description below

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