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The Finish Wax Sealer
The Finish Wax Sealer

Available in 2 sizes, 4oz and 8oz, to fit your project size whether it be big or small.

This wax dries to a perfectly smooth, hard seal. So easy to use, and no need to buff.

Using a lint free cloth, you simply wipe it in as you wipe it on, and when you’re done, you’re done –

and it’s dry that fast.

This is a solvent based wax. The type of solvent we use

flashes off immediately as you use it, and it dries so fast that there is no

lingering odor.

Our wax is industrial strength.

Fun Fact: You can add any of our paints or shimmers, or a combination of both,

to our natural colored wax to create a whole new color and sheen! That means you can create

52 colors of wax! You can also add our Shimmers to the colored wax to give a bit of sparkle

to your project!

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