Are you interested in selling a TOP QUALITY, acrylic-blend Home Decor paint in your shop or booth? IF so, then we would love to partner with you!
Blackberry House Paint is committed to bringing you incredible quality, professionally made, boutique paint products and accessories. We work hand in hand with our retailers coaching them how to build a successful paint business. When you call our Customer Service department, you will get immediate attention directly from an employee thoroughly trained to help our retailers.

With the popularity of restored, refinished, and restlyed furniture today, it’s almost a given that shops and booth owners should have a great paint product to offer their customers. We have that for you! And we have a great starter package with a complete 12 color set up that creates a visual impact in your business!

Starter packages are only $1200, and they come complete with paint, wax, topcoats, and loads of sample products!

Half is due at the time you place your order, and the balance is due when your order is shipped.

Why should you choose Blackberry House Paint for your go-to paint solution?
1. Blackberry House Paint was one of the first 10 boutique paint companies on the market, established in March of 2013, so our products are tried and tested for perfection.

2. Our paint was developed with the input of chemists, and is a top quality professional product. We tested and focus tested it for 9 months before putting it on the market!

3. Our paint is produced in a reputable factory. We pour, pack, and ship from our own facility so that we maintain control over the quality.

4. Our paint has THE best adhesion on the market! It will stick to anything! Super easy to use on laminate, formica, glass, metal, and more! We even have customers who paint leather shoes, purses, and even golf carts and garage doors! We even painted a 5000sqft METAL BUILDING with it and it’s held up perfectly!

5. Our paint is VOC free. It is safe to use indoors, around children, by pregnant women, and on childrens furniture.

6. Our paint is graded exterior, so it can be used on outdoor projects as well as furniture and home decor.

7. We have over 60 colors and a full line of accessory products. When you buy into our line, you then have access to purchase ANY of our products at wholesale even if you do not stock it. AND, all of our products are made so they can be mixed together to create NEW products – saving you shelf space and automatically creating upsells for your business!

8. All of our labels are professionally designed and have the instructions right on the container! No generic branding here! We believe knowledge is power so we make our line very user friendly.

9. We have training classes in the studio 3 times throughout the year to teach new products and techniques to our dealers.

10. We let you create your own color pallet with our line. You know your store and your customer better than we do, and we want you to offer what you know you can sell.

Are you ready to start selling with us and seeing your profits soar? Then take a few minutes and fill out the application below. When we receive it, you will get a call from someone ready to help you start your journey into a successful paint business! If you’ve never used our product, we’ll be happy to send you some free samples – just ask!

For answers to commonly asked questions about becoming a retailer with BHP, please visit this page:

FAQs about Becoming a Retail Partner with Us