Introducing “The Vintage Walk” Limited Edition Series Summer 2018

You know you can always expect pretty colors from Blackberry House Paint, and now we’re giving you EVEN MORE of them!

Introducing “The Vintage Walk” Limited Edition Color Series……

Here’s the details…………
The Vintage Walk is a 12 color collection inspired by color palettes that were popular from the 1940s through the 1970s. We think the colors during that period were fantastic enough to revive some of them for ya! This collection will be available to yo
u into mid August.

This collection is only sold in the 16 ounce size during it’s limited edition run.

So what happens to the colors in August?? We will monitor sales of these colors and whichever colors stand out above the rest will be added to our permanent line, and then will be sold in all 3 sizes!
So, if you want to see one of these colors added to our current line, you need to hurry and pick one up at your local retailer before time runs out. We’ve been soft-selling these for a month now and I can tell you that we have sold through our inventory of them every single week!! And that was without any announcements or marketing!


Don’t have a retailer in your area? That’s ok – just click right here and order them online and we’ll ship ’em to ya.…/the-vintage-walk-li…/

Your retailer doesn’t carry this limited edition line? That’s ok too, they can still order any of them for you. In fact, your retailer can order you anything from all of our lines whether they stock it or not. Pretty cool, huh?

Let us know what you think about these fun new colors, and if you’ve already been lucky enough to snatch some up at your retailer and paint with it, please show us a picture of what you’ve done in the comments!

Happy painting everybody!

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