Blackberry House Paint is a water based paint with custom pigments and a selection of additives that give our paint maximum coverage, superior grip, true depth of color, self leveling features, and layering capabilities.

When applied with a quality brush, BHP will dry free of brushstrokes, cutting the time it takes to sand and distress significantly. BHP produces a very low level of airborne sanding residue, allowing you to work indoors on a protected floor surface. It is designed to be wet sanded for ease of use, but can also be dry sanded with little effort.

A through clean with a degreaser is the only prep necessary before painting. Since this is a water based paint, it must be sealed to aid in the curing process if you are going to be using your project right away. After an 8-10 day cure time, without sealer, this paint is self sealing and will cure to a hard finish.

NOTE: Colors shown here may vary slightly to their actual painted color due to differences in computer monitors.