Blackberry House Paint is a water based paint with custom pigments and a selection of additives that give our paint maximum coverage, superior grip, true depth of color, self leveling features, and layering capabilities.

When applied with a quality brush, BHP will dry free of brushstrokes, cutting the time it takes to sand and distress significantly. BHP produces a very low level of airborne sanding residue, allowing you to work indoors on a protected floor surface. It is designed to be wet sanded for ease of use, but can also be dry sanded with little effort.

A through clean with a degreaser is the only prep necessary before painting. Since this is a water based paint, it must be sealed to aid in the curing process if you are going to be using your project right away. After an 8-10 day cure time, without sealer, this paint is self sealing and will cure to a hard finish.

NOTE: Colors shown here may vary slightly to their actual painted color due to differences in computer monitors.

Blackberry House Paint
Blackberry House Paint

Blackberry House Paint is a water based, acrylic blend paint. It has superior adhesion properties and will stick to anything paintable!

No sanding or priming is necessary. Just clean your piece and start painting!

Dries smooth to the touch, free of brush strokes, to a sheen slightly above a matte.

A little goes a long way. Can be used indoors or out on any project – even your kitchen sink!

*Read full description below for more information.

Fun Fact: Our paints can be mixed into our Clear Coats Sealers and our Natural Wax to create new colors of wax and stains. That means you can have more than 50 colors of stain, and 50 colors of wax!  You can also mix our SHIMMERS into any of our paints to create your own version of metallic finish!

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Color Chart, Hand Painted, All Colors
Color Chart, Hand Painted, All Colors

Full size hand painted color chart.

When you need to verify specific colors, it is best to order a painted sample.

Colors vary among monitors and cannot be guaranteed accurate.

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BHP Full Color Sample Kit
BHP Full Color Sample Kit

Full 2 ounce sample set of all 52 colors in the Blackberry House Paint line. These samples come only with a color name label. There is no branding label on the jars. Perfect to use for painting small projects, or … Read More

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