Manufactured in the US in a reputable factory, BHP is a chalk free creamy paint, rich in color, that finishes with a sheen slightly above a matte and smooth to the touch. It is a water based, acrylic blend, no VOC paint. It is combined with power enhancers to create a paint that applies easily, grips to your surface, dries with no brush marks, and gives you a professional finish every time – all with less paint than other brands.

This is a water based paint, and does require a sealer to aide in the curing process if you are going to be using your piece right away. With an 8-10 day curing time, our paint does not require a sealer. This paint is easy to use and has great coverage. You'll be surprised at how little you use for your projects.

You will find the sanding and distressing time is cut down significantly compared to other boutique paints. We developed this paint to be wet distressed with a sanding sponge or damp rag, but it is easily dry sanded as well. When dry sanding, you will find that our paint produces very little airborne residue – a feature that everybody loves! The only prep our paint requires is a thorough cleaning of your piece with a degreaser before painting. You will find that after a few days the paint becomes more difficult to distress with a wet cloth or sponge. This is because the paint is going through the curing process that makes it harder and permanent. It is best to distress your piece within 3 days of painting it. Because of how great our paint cures, it is perfect for kitchen and bathroom cabinets, and can be used on outdoor pieces as well.

After many months of research and testing, we came out of our paint lab with a fabulous home décor paint that opened to rave reviews, and has grown in popularity since. Sales and distribution continue to grow at a rapid pace as the word spreads. We spent 9 months selling our paint in our local market for testing and feedback purposes, before putting it into the national retail market. People are excited over a chalk free paint option that performs in much the same way as powder based paints. It’s ease of use has earned us many accolades from consumers. We were the first company to offer a chalk free paint product in the boutique paint community.

We developed our paint line to give us an alternative to heavy powder based paints. Here at Blackberry House, we painted 15-20 pieces of furniture each week. It was important to us to not only streamline the painting and distressing process, but to make it much easier and less expensive. We have achieved that with our line of paint, and we’re excited to introduce it to you.

Our paint currently comes in 32 colors and 3 sizes –4oz, 16oz, and 32oz. This gives you the option of only buying what you need for your project. In focus group testing, this was high on the list of favorite features. Retail prices for each size are $8, $20, and $29. Topcoat products are available also.

Blackberry House was the first company to offer 4 size options ready for sale to the customer, and we have recently streamlined that to 3 sizes to allow for easier merchandising for our retailers.

We believe it shouldn’t cost a fortune to use or carry a line of paint. We understand that there are successful businesses of all sizes, so we have established retailer opportunities at various levels. If you are a retailer that sells in a shop or mall and you are interested in carrying our line, please send us an email with your name, company name, link to your social media page or website, and your city and state, and we will send you information on how to become a retailer for Blackberry House Paint.

We love our products and firmly believe they are very different from any other boutique paint on the market, and we hope you enjoy using them to create fabulous projects.