Is your paint safe?
Is this a chalk paint?
What is the difference in chalk paints and this paint?.
Will this paint stick to anything, even laminate?
Do I have to sand my surface or prime it before using this paint?
How much paint do I need to use for my project?
Where can I find instruction on how to use your paint?
Is the color in the jar the true color?
What kind of paint brush should I use with your paint?.
Can I use this paint on outdoor pieces?
Can this paint be used in a sprayer?.
How should I clean my painted piece?.
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Why do I have to clean my surface before I paint it?
Can I mix your paint to create new colors?
How long do I have to wait for the paint to dry between coats?
Can I layer this paint?
How do I get a chippy look with your paint?
Is your Layering Wax Bar like the other beeswax bars on the market?
What is the difference is drying time and curing time?
Can I paint kitchen and bathroom cabinets with your paint?
Do I have to wax my project?
Can I color your wax?
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