Blackberry House Paint is a water based, acrylic blend paint. It has superior adhesion properties and will stick to anything paintable!

No sanding or priming is necessary. Just clean your piecethoroughly, rinse off your cleaning residue, and start painting! Dries smooth to the touch, free of brush strokes, to a sheen slightly above a matte. A little goes a long way. Can be used indoors or out on any project – even your kitchen sink!

*Read full description below for more information. ** Actual paint colors may vary from printed representations.


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The Finish Wax Sealer
The Finish Wax Sealer

Available in 2 sizes, 4oz and 8oz, to fit your project size whether it be big or small.

This wax dries to a perfectly smooth, hard seal. So easy to use, and no need to buff.

Using a lint free cloth, you simply wipe it in as you wipe it on, and when you’re done, you’re done –

and it’s dry that fast.

This is a solvent based wax. The type of solvent we use

flashes off immediately as you use it, and it dries so fast that there is no

lingering odor.

Our wax is industrial strength.

Fun Fact: You can add any of our paints or shimmers, or a combination of both,

to our natural colored wax to create a whole new color and sheen! That means you can create

52 colors of wax! You can also add our Shimmers to the colored wax to give a bit of sparkle

to your project!

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Clear Coat Super Shield
Clear Coat Super Shield

Pure acrylic water based clear coat.

This clear coat goes on easy and dries hard. Brush on application.

Can be used over any surface. Can be used as a floor sealer, as well as

a sealer over all painted and stained surfaces.

Comes in Matte, Satin, and Gloss.

Fun Fact: You can add any of our paints, Dirts, Shimmers, or Magic Metals to

our Clear Coats to create a whole new product!

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Sanding Block
Sanding Block

These are high quality sanding blocks, used for smoothing or distressing your paint projects.

Can be used wet or dry.

Comes in Fine, Medium, and Coarse.

These are for resale and will come with the label.

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Layering Wax, 2oz
Layering Wax, 2oz

Our layering wax bar is unlike any other.

It is a natural soy blend bar with other waxes and oils that create the perfect resist for creating a great layered and chippy effect with your colors.

This is not a sealing wax.

Fun Fact: Using our Layering Wax Bar, you can create layer after layer of chippy techniques with as many colors as you like!

AND, you can also use it on your elbows, knees, and feet as a skin condition!

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Instant Age Dirt, 4oz
Instant Age Dirt, 4oz

Dirt performs best when used in conjunction with our natural wax to enhance the look of age to the textured ares of your painted pieces.

It is heavily pigmented, and a little goes a long way. You can add DIRT to your entire project to give added depth and character to your piece,

and wipe off to the level of color that you prefer.

Fun Fact: You can also add our DIRT to any of our Clear Coats to create your own custom colored stain! You can also add Shimmer too!

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Furniture & Brush Cleaner
Furniture & Brush Cleaner

Don’t throw away those chip brushes or sponge brushes anymore!
Our Furniture & Brush Cleaner is strong enough, yet mild enough, to clean them so you can use them time and time again!

You can even use it to clean paint spots off your clothes!

For full instructions on use, see below.

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Color Wash / Wood Stain, 8oz
Color Wash / Wood Stain, 8oz

Our 8 oz Color Washes are pure acrylic, water based color glazes with a built in top coat. You can use these to stain

raw woods with a hint of color, or use as a colored glaze over your painted finishes.


Fun Fact: You can even add our Shimmer to them to create a hint of metallic to your project!


For more information and instructions for use, see full description below

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Shimmer, 4oz
Shimmer, 4oz

The perfect product to add a touch of elegance to your projects.

Our Shimmer should be added to our natural wax or one of our Clear Coats for the best results.

Fun Fact: You can also add our shimmer to any of our paints, stains, or waxes to create a metallic touch to all of your projects.

Even More Fun Fact: When you mix Shimmer into our colored waxes or colored stains, you can easily create an instant WOW factor!

(Read below for more information.)

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Magic Metals
Magic Metals

Magic Metals are a fun way to add some dirty shine to your projects! Add that extra something special to your project with any of our metals in your choice of 8 vintage colors.
Magic Metals should be used in conjunction with our natural wax or clear coats, so when ordering this product, be sure to order one of these as a mixing base.

For more information and instructions for use, see below.

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Weathered Aging Product
Weathered Aging Product

Weathered is an easy to use aging product used to create the look of “been in the barn for 100 years!”
Create the look of time worn rain drops, worm holes, and added texture with just a few drops!
For full intructions for use, see below.

Click on the VIDEO tab below to see how to use this product.

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Color Chart, Hand Painted, All Colors
Color Chart, Hand Painted, All Colors

Full size hand painted color chart.

When you need to verify specific colors, it is best to order a painted sample.

Colors vary among monitors and cannot be guaranteed accurate.

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Paint Sticks, 9″ pack of 12
Paint Sticks, 9″ pack of 12

Set of 12 9″ ashwood stir sticks for sizes up to a quart.

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Build it up Texture Paste, 8oz
Build it up Texture Paste, 8oz

Build it Up! is a texture paste for use in creating raised stencils, “crusting”, and can even be used to smooth out missing veneer or wood on furniture, and can be used to smooth out uneven surfaces. Completely paintable when dry. You can also add our paint to Build it Up! to create your own colors for stencils.
For full instructions for use, see below.

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Furniture Glue/Decoupage/Veneer Repair
Furniture Glue / Decoupage

Our Decoupage It! has amazing adhesion!
Use for applying paper or fabric to wood.
Decoupage It! can also be used as an adhesive for wood,
Perfect for readhering loose veneer to furniture.

For full instruction on use, see below.

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Finishing Kit
Finishing Kit

Our finishing kit comes with a lint free cloth, and 3 sets of latex free nitrile gloves.

Our gloves are heavy duty, solvent resistant, have lighty textured tips, and are tech friendly. You do not have to remove them to use your hand held smart phone devices.

Available in S, M, L, and XL.

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Paint Can Opener, set of 3
Paint Can Opener, set of 3

Set of 3
Heavy duty paint can opener on one end, bottle opened on the other.

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BHP Full Color Sample Kit
BHP Full Color Sample Kit

Full 2 ounce sample set of all 62 colors in the Blackberry House Paint line. These samples come only with a color name label. There is no branding label on the jars. Perfect to use for painting small projects,making paint … Read More

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