Build it up Texture Paste, 8oz


Build it Up! is a texture paste for use in creating raised stencils, “crusting”, and can even be used to smooth out missing veneer or wood on furniture, and can be used to smooth out uneven surfaces. Completely paintable when dry. You can also add our paint to Build it Up! to create your own colors for stencils.
For full instructions for use, see below.


You can have loads of fun embossing your projects with our Build it Up! Texture Paste.
Add raised stencils to easily put a touch of elegance on your projects.

Read on to see what you can add to our Build it Up to create impressive projects.

Coat the back of your stencil lightly with a stencil adhesive. Lay flat on your piece making sure your stencil is adhered completely. Rub Build it Up! over your stencil with a flat surface such as a popsicle stick or an old credit card. Smooth out by rubbing your popsicle stick or card over the stencil. (Put excess back in jar.) Lift the edges of your stencil and lift straight up all at once so that the product doesn’t feather. Let dry completely. When the Build it Up! is dry, you are now ready to paint or antique your stencil.

For colored stencils, add any of our paint products to your Build it Up! before using. For real drama, add some of our SHIMMER too!
NOTE * Use only water based paints with our Build it Up! product.

Build it Up! can also be used to add raised texture to your painted pieces. Mix in color if desired, then spread on small areas of your project, and work on like you would frost a cake. When dry, add one of our embellishmet products to add an aged effect.

This product is perfect for smoothing out areas on furniture that have missing veneer. When used in this way, allow to dry for 3 hours before painting your piece.

If you would like to use Build it Up! in silicone molds, first add a small amount of powdered product such as baby powder or baking soda to it so that it will dry thoroughly in the mould.


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