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Weathered is an easy to use aging product used to create the look of “been in the barn for 100 years!”
Create the look of time worn rain drops, worm holes, and added texture with just a few drops!
For full intructions for use, see below.

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Create the look of time worn rain drops, worm holes, and added texture with just a few drops!

It can be a little tricky to get the hang of this product, so be sure to follow instructions carefully.We recommend you watch the video on our website before using. To acheive the WEATHERED effect, spray onto your fingers, then “flick” the WEATHERED onto your piece, creating droplets that look like water. Let the droplets sit until you start to see a color change. Once you start to see the color change, take a damp cloth and begin to gently wipe the drops away. You will see it start to create an amazing weathered look. Do not allow the product to fully dry.

You can also use a sanding block to remove the droplets if you want to remove more paint. WEATHERED will work on multiple layers of paint by leaving it on longer. You can leave different areas on longer than other to create a more authentic aged look.

Do not use Weathered on a vertical surface as it will run and remove your paint. Always keep your project surface horizontal when using this product. For example, if you want to use it on the sides of a dresser, turn the dresser so that side is flat from side to side.


HELPFUL TIP: For super easy distressing on your paint project, spray a little at a time on your sanding block, then distress and watch the paint come off 3 times quicker! Saves a lot of time on projects! (Do not spray directly onto furniture as it WILL remove your paint.)

WEATHERED can also be used as a furniture cleaner. To use for this purpose, spray on damp cloth and wipe your furniture down. Then, wipe with clean cloth to remove the residue from the WEATHERED. Again, do not spray directly on furniture.

Here’s another great tip! – If you have used too much dark wax on your project and you can’t seem to remove it, spray some WEATHERED on a dry cloth and rub gently over the areas where your wax is too thick or dark. It will smooth out the color of the wax. For heavy application of wax, use a sanding block sprayed with WEATHERED to smooth out. Be sure not to rub so much that it removes your paint.

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