Furniture & Brush Cleaner
Furniture & Brush Cleaner

Don’t throw away those chip brushes or sponge brushes anymore!
Our Furniture & Brush Cleaner is strong enough, yet mild enough, to clean them so you can use them time and time again!

You can even use it to clean paint spots off your clothes!

For full instructions on use, see below.

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Weathered Aging Product
Weathered Aging Product

Weathered is an easy to use aging product used to create the look of “been in the barn for 100 years!”
Create the look of time worn rain drops, worm holes, and added texture with just a few drops!
For full intructions for use, see below.

Click on the VIDEO tab below to see how to use this product.

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Finishing Kit
Finishing Kit

Our finishing kit comes with a lint free cloth, and 3 sets of latex free nitrile gloves.

Our gloves are heavy duty, solvent resistant, have lighty textured tips, and are tech friendly. You do not have to remove them to use your hand held smart phone devices.

Available in S, M, L, and XL.

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