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Magic Metals are a fun way to add some dirty shine to your projects! Add that extra something special to your project with any of our metals in antique colors.
Magic Metals should be used in conjunction with our natural wax or clear coats, so when ordering this product, be sure to order one of these as a mixing base.

For more information and instructions for use, see below.

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You will receive the best results with this product when you mix it into our natural wax or clear coats. Because it’s a powdered product, you will obtain the best adhesion when mixing it with wax or clear coat. You can also apply the wax to your piece first, then use a chip brush to apply the Magic Metals in the area where you want to achieve an aged effect, such as crevices or raised areas. Be sure to put paper under your project before you begin to catch the loose powder as you work. Work into the piece until you achieve your desired color.
This product is not meant for covering your entire project, but rather adding some dirty shine for a natural wear pattern.

Magic Metals can also be used to stain raw wood.

Magic Metals are heavily pigmented and will stain cloth as well as hard surfaces. Protect any surface you work on, and protect your clothes. We recommend wearing a mask when using this product so that you do not breathe in the dust. Should you need to clean a stain, use glycerin soap or a heavy dish soap. Clean up any extra powder and put back in the container.

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Dusty White, Antique Bronze, Antique Gold, Antique Silver, Gun Metal, Vintage Cobalt


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