Furniture & Brush Cleaner
Furniture & Brush Cleaner

Don’t throw away those chip brushes or sponge brushes anymore!
Our Furniture & Brush Cleaner is strong enough, yet mild enough, to clean them so you can use them time and time again!

You can even use it to clean paint spots off your clothes!

For full instructions on use, see below.

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Scrubby Soap Citrus Cleaning Bars
Scrubby Soap Citrus Cleaning Bars
Scrubby Soap is great for cleaning up paint, oil, grease, and more………..even laundry!
Scrubby Soap is all natural soap, with a scrubber inside that fills the entire size of the bar. The bars are made of all natural biodegradable oils. Rather than using harsh synthetic cleaning agents, Scrubby Soap uses citrus oil. The combination of citrus oil and the scrubber creates the ultimate soap for removing dirt, grease, oil, and paint. Scrubby is not just for your hands, it is also a superior product for cleaning artist paint brushes.

Available in Lemon, Lime, or Orange. By default, we will ship a scent we currently have in stock. If you prefer a specific scent, specify that in the notes section of your cart.

Removes paint from your body, cleans and conditions paint brushes, and makeup brushes too!
Removes dirt, sap, grease, oil, and odors! Use on your body, your clothes, and even on your dishes!
For anyone who gets dirty! Painters, Mechanics, House Cleaners, Laundry Doers – seriously – this cleans it all!
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