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We have so many dealers out there painting furniture every day! They work hard to make these beautiful pieces available to you, and we want to recognize that hard work.

So many of these creative projects go unnoticed because they sell so fast, but we decided to ask our dealers to start snapping shots of their finished pieces before they get sold so that we could share them with you. We hope you take inspiration from these pieces, and even make some bold color choices of your own. We would love for you to share projects with us that have been painted with any of our BHP products. Just click on that “Contact Us” button up there on the top right and send us a picture!

Blackberry House Paint Country Girl Color Collection offers 35 beautiful colors, and our new Cotton Field Colors offers a select 12 rich colors for you to choose from.

This fabulous chest is from our Murfreesboro, TN dealer, Tess’s Treasures, located inside Hylabrook Antique Mall. This is painted in our Cotton Field Colors Willow Tree, and has our BHP Dirty Water Wax as the finish coat. I LOVE this new creamy sage green. How about you?


 This fun little piece is is painted in our BHP Sweet Potato Pie. Sometimes I forget how darling this color can be on just the right piece! The contrast of the black hardware

makes this a great looking table. This piece was painted by our Hendersonville, TN dealer New Beginnings Furniture.


              Morning Dew is a wonderful soft blue that fits into most any decor. We love this choice of color for this chest. Another piece by New Beginnings Furniture.


            Another fun piece from New Beginnings Furniture in our BHP Sour Apple. These dealers aren’t the least bit afraid to use color, and I’ll tell you, they sell every

piece they paint!


This is a neutral turn at color this time, and as lovely as it can be! Painted in our BHP Warm Milk, it’s the perfect color pairing to this great Federal chest.

Again, by New Beginnings Furniture.


Hey, I have no problem tooting someone’s horn a few times when they work as hard as these guys do! New Beginnings Furniture does it again with our BHP Blue Jay on this fantastic French Provincial chest. Love this!


Mary Runger with Home With Mary , Franklin, TN, painted this absolutely fantastic cupboard in our BHP Fresh Eggs for Linen & Rust in Arrington, TN. Isn’t this an amazing little cupboard? If I had seen this before it hit the store, it definitely would’ve been mine! I adore unique pieces like this…….so if YOU have one you want to sell me, hit that “Contact Us” button and let me know about it. 🙂


You want this cabinet, don’t you? Yeah, me too. I swoon over the pictures our dealers send us all the time and wonder WHY they send me the pictures after these wonderful pieces have sold. Big Bummer for sure. THis is painted in our new and VERY popular Cotton Field Color’s Gravel Road. A deep, heavy gray, it’s a perfect color for most anything. Painted by Home With Mary again.


And finally, here’s another piece by Home With Mary. BHP Creek Bed is her go-to color, and she couldn’t have selected a better color for this piece! How pretty is this??


Have we given you a little bit of inspiration today? We’ll be doing this more often, so check back here or on our Facebook page (link at the top right of the page), and we’ll let you know when a new post goes up.

For now, if you need a bit more motivation to get up and start painting, click over and peruse the eye candy on our Inspiration Page!

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Until Next Time………………Happy Painting!

4 Responses

  1. Connie Eroh
    | Reply

    In the last picture, Mary, of Home with Mary used BHP Bed Creek for the base paint color of this side board. I’m wondering what was used as the finishing wax (or whatever) ?

    • Polly Blair
      | Reply

      Hi Connie. Mary used our Dirty Water Finish Wax on that piece.

  2. Terrie
    | Reply

    Can this paint be used over oil based paint on cabinets?

    • Polly Blair
      | Reply

      Hi Terrie.
      Our paint can be used over oil based paint, provided that the oil paint has been fully cured.
      I’ll give you a tip for prepping oil based cabinets for repainting…..
      Clean only with dish soap and warm water, preferably using a Scotchbrite pad.
      Our paint has it’s own priming chemicals, so we do not recommend using any type of priming product prior to use of our paint.
      It is not recommended to use any type of commercial degreaser or cleaner on oil based paint, as it will cause the
      surface of the paint to become gummy.
      Let us know if you have anymore questions.
      Thank you!

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